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This account is used for testing purposes only. We needed an account to use on ZoomVote, where we can check functionality, and to replicate error submissions.
Name:  Test Name 2
Website:  http://zoomvote.com/test2
Gender:  Male
Country:  South Africa   Region: Africa

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jaysadie » test2 This is a share 10 years ago
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2010-03-16 05:48
jaysadie » test2 hello test2. How are you? 10 years ago
Hello there. Bye
2010-03-16 05:57
test2 my first post 2 10 years ago
This is a comment to the status
2010-03-08 14:27
Second comment
2010-03-08 14:32
another comment
2010-03-16 05:47