Current Affairs

If stranded, would you fly through a volcanic ash cloud? title=

Should businesses/hotels that overcharge air travelers stranded by the volcanic cloud delay, be prosecuted?

How do you feel about people pulling out a blade like this in your bar fight? title=

Have flight attendants from now bust Air Comet gone too far by protesting in the nude? title=

Is bullying the result of schools' inability to discipline students? title=

Should the fact that China controls 97% of rare earth minerals used in electronics and military weapons concern the U.S.? title=

Should scientists develop the ability to keep livestock from producing methane gas thus significantly reducing the greenhouse effect? title=

Do you think it's a good idea for Indonesia to allow private citizens to adopt & raise wild tigers for $100,000? title=

Is it wrong for teenagers and women under the age of 25 to have plastic surgery? title=

Do you think Affirmative Action is a fair process? title=

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