Current Affairs

Should the U.S. government forbid oil rigs from existing within 800 miles of any U.S. shoreline? title=

Is China crazy for spending 58 billion dollars on the 2010 World Expo being held in Shanghai? title=

Should government scientists continue to build the world's largest laser in an attempt to solve the global energy crisis? title=

Do you believe that Osama Bin Laden has been found but left alone by the military in order to give a reason to stay militarily involved in the Middle East?

Should political candidates like Gordon Brown be judged & harpooned for unflattering candid comments they make? title=

Should countries be allowed to try people "in absentia" and once found guilty, demand they be extradited to their country? title=

Is wanting to keep Muslims out of France by upsetting their traditions, the real reason that President Sarkozy wants to ban the burqa? title= title=

Does the Thai government have the right to silence the "Red Shirt" protestors by any means? title=

do you think the rush to be rich and popular, has contributed alot to the corruption and decline of mankind?

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