Current Affairs

Should more countries act aggressively like Russia has recently, in fighting and capturing Somalian pirates? title=

Will President Obama's words come back to haunt him about allowing offshore oil drilling, come election time? title=

Should the U.S. government force airlines to do more to enforce the "no-fly" list, after the NYC bomber almost escaped due to their negligence? title=

Should African-Americans have a problem with Sandra Bullock adopting a black child? title=

In light of the NYC bomber being a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan, should the U.S. put more restrictions on Middle Eastern people that try to get U.S. citizenship? title=

Will 'smart dust' save the world by monitoring people, cities and the natural environment? title=

Do celebrities really understand the challenges of third world countries & their cultures when trying to raise money for them? title=

Is it fair to call people "racists" who wish for illegal immigrants to be deported? title=

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