Current Affairs

Do you agree with the Red Cross supplying the Taliban with medical supplies and medical training? title=

Will the hunt for Christopher Coke, a.k.a. Robin Hood & drug lord of Jamaica, end in poverty-stricken loyalists waging civil war? title=

Now that South Korea knows that North Korea was responsible for sinking a S. Korean warship in March, should they take military action against N. Korea? title= title=

Is it ridiculous that the U.S. still does not allow gays to serve in the military? title=

Will Oprah's "No Phone Zone Pledge" make a "dent" in distracted drivers? title=

Is it fair that men with longer hair, including rastafarians, must be placed in solitary confinement for their hair while serving time in a Virginia prison? title=

Do most people realize how anatomically detailed the airport body scans are? title=

Is it fair to the British people that the Queen can nullify their votes and call for a new election in light of the hung parliament? title=

Should the new proposed mosque be allowed to be built near ground zero where the Twin Towers once stood? title=

Should the U.S. still recognize the "National Day of Prayer"?

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