Current Affairs

Do you think a "one world currency" is inevitable considering the recent financial collapse of so many countries? title=

Has the Nigerian president been too harsh in banning football play for 2 years due to Nigeria's poor showing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup? title=

Should FIFA reconsider using technology to determine whether goals are scored in the future football World Cups? title=

Would you support the halt of all oil drilling in the U.S.? title=

Is it acceptable for BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, to be taking time off to watch a yacht race while oil continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico? title=

Is it fair that the American government has arrested an American man that was on the hunt for Osama bin Laden? title=

Should President Obama lose the respect of the American public by stating he's looking for "who's ass to kick" over the oil spill?

Will the world turn against Israel over the latest Palestinian flotilla invasion? title=

Should more global pressure be put on Japan to stop their savage whaling practices? title=

Have you stopped buying BP oil because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

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