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Will making Steven Slater, the ticked-off flight attendant, a cult hero backfire when others may follow his example by lashing out in the workplace? title=

In the big scheme of things, does it really matter if Naomi Campbell admits receiving "blood diamonds" from Charles Taylor, who is accused of crimes against humanity? title=

Will the people of Haiti elect musician, Wyclef Jean, as president of Haiti? title=

Has President Obama lost the loyalty of U.S. Democratic voters?

Has the U.S. Federal Court made the right decision in throwing out Arizona's right to ask people in their state for U.S. identification? title=

Can the U.S. buy Pakistan's loyalty in fighting terrorism by providing financial aid and infrastructure? title=

Is it possible that your dreams could hold the answers to your future, as the movie "Inception" insinuates? title=

Does the death penalty force violent criminals to think twice about committing crimes?

Should the world demand that Iran stop the execution of women who are convicted of adultery? title=

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