Current Affairs

Should the Vatican be immune to money laundering investigations under Italian law? title=

With the high unemployment rate leading to professional Americans getting jobs overseas and relocating, will America suffer an irrecoverable brain drain?

Should something be done to stop the burning of the Quran and the protesting of Islam in Gainesville, Florida? title=

Is France being discriminatory by wanting to illegalize begging in the streets? title=

Is it fair that most overseas people think that Americans are like the Americans they see on reality TV?

Has Julian Assange, founder of, been set up by those threatened by him or are the recent sexual assault charges for real? title=

In light of the economic meltdown, will people continue to invest in the U.S. stock market? title=

Did the Scottish courts make a huge mistake in releasing, al Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber, thinking he had only months to live? title=

Will the U.K. agree that Australia should become a republic after the death of Queen Elizabeth? title=

Do you agree with President Obama's support of building a mosque near "ground zero" in New York City? title=

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