Do you believe your dreams hold meanings and that dream analysis is a legitimate science? title=

Do "Cougar" moms selfishly put their own desires ahead of their young daughters/sons? title=

Will the recent success of the 1st full face transplant lead to plastic surgeons offering this to patients not happy with their looks? title=

Has "going green" gone out of control? Check out this article 'How "green" is your love life?'! title=

With population explosions occurring in the most underdeveloped parts of the world, is population control inevitable? title=

Do you believe in "Soulmates"? title=

Should there be financial assistance to those, like the man in this article, who can not afford a decent burial? title=

do you think that goverments across the world should re-insate the death sentence?

Are American teenagers more outspoken than those in other countries?

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