Current filter help

The Current filter form is used to limit the polls that you would like to view. It will take a long time to scroll through all the polls on The filter provides you with a mechanism to find and/or view the polls that you are intereted in. Here is an explanation of each field on the Current filter form:

  • Category drop-down
    You can choose to only show polls in a specific category.
    Some polls may appear in more than one category, depending on the author's discretion.
  • Poll status drop-down
    Only show polls open for voting. Includes polls you may not qualify for.
    Alternatively you can limit it to show closed polls only (no more voting allowed).
    Or only show polls that you can vote for now (where Vote button shows).
  • Voter type drop-down
    Show polls that everyone can vote for, or only registered users can vote for.
  • Search field
    Enter one or more keywords to search for in the Titles and various Choices/Options of polls.
    Separate multiple keywords with spaces. If the listed words appear in a poll, the poll will be displayed.
    To search for an exact term, enclose the words in quotes, e.g. "Joe Soap".
    If you for instance enter the following keywords: actor "Joe Soap"
    the system will look for all polls that contain the word actor and the words Joe Soap combined.
  • Apply Filter button
    Click this button to submit the criteria specified in the fields above.
  • Clear Filter link
    Click this link to remove all filter criteria and to show all polls.