Registration is free and has many advantages. Registered users can create polls on, providing they abide by the rules. The rules are very simple to follow, and basically revolve around one common thread: don't offend others. This does not mean that you can not poll people on a controversial subject, let's just say for instance, abortion. You cannot ask sexually perverted questions, or hate-based ethnic, racial or religious questions. However, you may ask whether you believe in gay marriage, or what religion do you believe in the most. Just not something like "Do you think xxxx religion is totally stupid?"

Once you have registered you will be mailed a verification e-mail, with instructions on how to activate your account. It is a simple link that you click on, or if you prefer, you may copy and paste the link into your browser's address bar. E-mail verification is necessary to verify whether you have provided us with a valid e-mail address. Let's just say that you entered your e-mail address incorrectly in the first place. No problem. Just log in, if you're not already logged in, and go to your User profile. Click on Edit and check the e-mail address that you have entered. If it looks right, then you can request another verification e-mail to be sent to you. Please check whether e-mails from us are not being sent to your e-mail's junk folder. If so, then please indicate to your e-mail program that mail from us should not be treated as junk. If all else fails, then please use our Contact form to let us know that you are not receiving our e-mails.

If you change your e-mail address at any point, you will have to re-verify the new address. You have 24 hours in which to re-confirm. If you don't re-confirm, your original e-mail address will remain in effect. Even if you change your e-mail address, the system will keep your current e-mail in effect, until it receives confirmation from you via your new e-mail address.

How to create a poll

Log in, if you're not already logged in, and click on the Create content link, directly below your UserName. Enter a Vote question, making sure that it is very clear on what you want to poll voters on. Refrain from asking something like "What do you think of Mandy?" This is a very vague question. Who is Mandy? Most voters won't know what you want them to vote on. Be clear, and specific, while keeping it as short and sweet as possible. Be considerate. Don't offend.

Enter at least two choices for people to vote on. One of the simplest choices would be Yes and No. You can add Undecided or Not sure yet. The sky is the limit here on how you construct your choices. But, be clear, and try not to confuse voters. Presently you may enter up to 12 choices only.

The Soapbox is your personal area for talking about the poll that you want others to vote on. Here you can post videos, pictures or text about the poll. It is very handy for embedding a video that gives the voter more information, or a refresher, about the poll topic. Give your own opinion, but please try to be as neutral and fair as possible. You may use the soapbox to influence voters to vote the way you want them to vote. The choice is yours.

Currently we only support embedded videos from YouTube, CNN, TBS, TNT and American Idol. This is for security reasons, because embedded videos can be misused by hackers to cause damage to a site. When you copy the embedded code from the previously mentioned sites, none of the attributes can be changed, e.g. width, height, etc. Our system will always display these videos at a fixed width and height.

Images can be linked to only. The only images we allow users to download are their avatars. We may decide to allow for image downloading in the future, based on feedback we get from our users. We feel that if you want to reference articles or news that you found on other sites, that it makes more sense to just link to the images on those sites. But, we will be open for suggestions.

Under Poll settings you may Close a poll, enter a Starting date and/or Ending date. You may also restrict voting to an electoral list, and if you choose to do so, you may also make such a poll a Private poll. Private polls will only be viewable by the voters that you add to the electoral list. If you do not check the Private poll box, others will be able to view the poll, but not vote on it. The Show individual votes check-box allows you to enable or disable the viewing of each voter's vote (what they voted for). If you feel that your poll is of a very private nature, and that voters would not like for others to see how they voted, then uncheck this box.

Under Voter criteria choose whether you want to allow everyone to vote, or whether you only want logged in users to vote. Additionally you may limit a poll to a specific Country or Region, to a specific Gender, to one or more Marital status, or to an Age range.

Under Comment settings you may choose whether you want registered users to post comments to your poll. If you check Disabled, then no one, including you, can post comments to the specific poll. If you check Read only, then only you can post comments to your poll. If you check Read/Write, then registered users can freely post comments to your poll. They can also post videos and pictures in their comments.

If you have provided your Twitter account information under your User Profile, the system will also allow you to tweet the poll question to your Twitter account, by checking the Announce this post on Twitter check-box.

The CAPTCHA question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Once you have been on our site for a reasonable time, and created a variety of well-intended polls, you may request your membership to be elevated in order to bypass the CAPTCHA questions. In short, if you demonstrate that you have no intention to use our site for spamming, you will be eligible to have this removed.

Click the Preview button to see what your poll will look like when it's live. Click the Save button and your poll will be submitted.

Please do not change the context of a poll once it has been in effect for a certain time, e.g. don't add an aditional choice two weeks after the poll has been voted on actively. You may change typos, or modify a question to make it more understandable, if it was a little vague.

How to Vote

Voting is as easy as pie. Merely read the question/issue carefully, review the options, and click on the choice you like most. Sometimes there may be more than one that you agree with, but unfortunately you have to pick only one.

Remember to click on the Vote button below each poll to submit your vote, otherwise your vote will not be submitted if you navigate away from the page. Each poll has its own Vote button, which must be clicked if you want to vote for a specific issue. Let's say there are five polls on the screen, and you have voted on four of them. You will then have to click on each of the four Vote buttons individually. After clicking on each button you will see

Your vote was registered.

below the question of the relevant pole. You will also notice that you will no longer be able to vote on that poll, because the vote options will be replaced by voting results. You can only vote once for an issue/poll.

Very important: Once a vote has been cast, you cannot change, or revoke it. So, please make sure of your choice before you click on the Vote button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will others be able to see how I voted?

A: The author of each poll determines whether individual votes for that poll will be accessible or not.

Q: Do I have to register in order to vote?

A: No. However, you may not be able to vote on all issues, because the person who created the poll may have elected to only allow registered users to vote. Usually that goes hand in hand with a poller's intention to only allow for people that meet certain criteria to vote. For instance the poll may be designed to test teenage women's preference of a particular cosmetic product. In order for the system to determine whether a voter qualifies for the criteria mentioned in the example, it needs to access the user's profile.

Q: Who creates the polls on

A: Only registered logged in users are allowed to create polls. This is necessary because there are rules when posting polls, and we cannot enforce these rules on visitors, or non-logged in users. There are other reasons too, such as poll ownership, and so forth.

Q: Will my personal information be viewable by others?

A: General profile information will be viewable. Your e-mail address will not be shown. Your birth date will not be shown.

Q: Why do I not see all the polls of some users? For instance, when I viewed a user's poll, it displayed that he/she had a total of 11 polls, but when I clicked on the link, I only saw 8 polls.

A: This is not an error, but rather a situation where a user may have Private polls. Such polls are not visible to voters who are not on the poll's electoral list. In the example you gave, the user may have 3 Private polls, because you only saw 8 of the 11 polls. Another reason you may not be able to view all of a specific user's polls is that you may have Current filter criteria in effect. This may have filtered out some, or all, of a user's polls that do not meet your criteria. Modify the criteria, or click on the Clear Filter link.

Q: How do I add videos and/or images to my Soapbox or comments?

A: Currently we only support embedded videos and linked to images. To embed a video, go to one of the sites we support, i.e. YouTube, CNN, TBS, TNT and American Idol, and look for a "Share" or "Embed" button. Not all videos have this feature, because users on those sites may have elected not to make their videos available for embedding. If a video has this enabled, click on the embed button that will show the embed code. Copy this code to your clipboard by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C, or right-mouse-click on the highlighted code and select Copy from the drop-down list. Once you have the code copied, go to your Soapbox or comment field and click on the "Embed Media" icon of the text editor (image of a strip of film with a small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner). An "Embed Media Dialog" box will pop up into which you need to paste the copied code. To paste the code, click in the "Paste embed code here" text box and press Ctrl+V, or right-mouse-click in the text box and select Paste from the drop-down list. Click OK and you should see a place-holder for the video once the dialog box closes.

Adding an image link works almost the same way, except that you right-mouse-click on the image you'd like to link to on another site. Click on "Properties" or "View Image Info", depending on the browser you're using, and highlight the URL or Location. Make sure you include the entire URL, including the http:// part, and the image (*.jpg, *.gif, *.png) part. Copy the highlighted text to your clipboard, the same way as mentioned before. Click on the "Image" icon of the text editor, and once the "Image Properties" dialog box opens, paste the copied text into the URL field. Click OK and you should see a place-holder for the image once the dialog box closes.