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If you were an employer would you allow your employees "nap time" during the day, as some companies have? monicalea 8 years ago 14 1,332
Is it fair that most overseas people think that Americans are like the Americans they see on reality TV? monicalea 8 years ago 15 1,046
If it was really possible, would you live on another planet? monicalea 8 years ago 15 1,097
Has Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.com, been set up by those threatened by him or are the recent sexual assault charges for real?
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monicalea 8 years ago 18 1,032
In light of the economic meltdown, will people continue to invest in the U.S. stock market? monicalea 8 years ago 19 1,445
Did the Scottish courts make a huge mistake in releasing, al Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber, thinking he had only months to live?
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monicalea 8 years ago 24 919
Will the U.K. agree that Australia should become a republic after the death of Queen Elizabeth?
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monicalea 8 years ago 26 1,030
Should "freedom of the press" be considered a global human right? monicalea 8 years ago 22 1,070
Do you agree with President Obama's support of building a mosque near "ground zero" in New York City?
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monicalea 8 years ago 22 992
Will making Steven Slater, the ticked-off flight attendant, a cult hero backfire when others may follow his example by lashing out in the workplace?
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monicalea 8 years ago 26 1,160
In the big scheme of things, does it really matter if Naomi Campbell admits receiving "blood diamonds" from Charles Taylor, who is accused of crimes against humanity?
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monicalea 8 years ago 26 1,029
Will the people of Haiti elect musician, Wyclef Jean, as president of Haiti?
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monicalea 8 years ago 30 1,005
Has President Obama lost the loyalty of U.S. Democratic voters? jaysadie 8 years ago 35 893
Would you be willing to let a telepresence robot take your place at work as proposed by Anybots corporation?
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jaysadie 8 years ago 14 1,784
Has the U.S. Federal Court made the right decision in throwing out Arizona's right to ask people in their state for U.S. identification? jaysadie 8 years ago 25 924
After the successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, would you feel safe traveling to South Africa? jaysadie 8 years ago 29 930
Is Hollywood overdoing the making of comic book movies as recently shown at Comic-Con?
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jaysadie 8 years ago 31 1,324
Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults? jaysadie 8 years ago 42 1,407
What do you think of this new invention called "Candwich", Sandwich in a Can?
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jaysadie 8 years ago 34 1,649
Should Lance Armstrong have quit while he was ahead now that his final Tour de France is nearing an end and he has no chance of winning?
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jaysadie 8 years ago 31 970