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How would you write today's date in terms of 2011 (assuming d/m/yy format)? rockhyrax 8 years ago 31 1,383
Should Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, be arrested by the U.S. and charged with espionage? monicalea 8 years ago 27 1,600
Has the travel trend of visiting slums and native townships become the most irresponsible thing a traveler can do?
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monicalea 8 years ago 28 1,558
Should UK taxpayers be responsible for paying the multi-million pound bill for Prince William and his bride's wedding security? monicalea 8 years ago 21 1,398
Should passports be converted into microchips for frequent travelers? monicalea 8 years ago 24 1,389
Should voting be made mandatory? monicalea 8 years ago 19 1,362
Is it possible to run a successful business without having a website? monicalea 8 years ago 12 1,376
With the U.S. House being controlled by the Republicans and the Senate by the Democrats, will the U.S. government be successful in improving the economy? monicalea 8 years ago 11 1,327
Should FIFA be boycotted and a new soccer league formed due to a FIFA VP selling his vote for hosting the 2018 World Cup to the highest bidder?
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monicalea 8 years ago 17 1,698
Should the youth of America be required to do one year of community/environmental service in order to better prepare them for the real world? jaysadie 8 years ago 22 1,387
Is 'Freemasonry' a cult?
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jaysadie 8 years ago 28 1,738
Are social business investments the new form of capitalism, as nobel peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus believes?
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jaysadie 8 years ago 28 1,457
Who will decide the future of the Arctic and which countries have the rights to its resources?
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jaysadie 8 years ago 28 1,364
Will computers eventually replace teachers? jaysadie 8 years ago 26 1,984
Should the Vatican be immune to money laundering investigations under Italian law?
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monicalea 8 years ago 21 1,198
The FDA is currently considering the approval of genetically altered fish. Will genetically altered food be the solution to food shortages?
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monicalea 8 years ago 19 1,436
Will Tea Party Politics take over the GOP?
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monicalea 8 years ago 21 1,544
With the high unemployment rate leading to professional Americans getting jobs overseas and relocating, will America suffer an irrecoverable brain drain? monicalea 8 years ago 15 1,104
Should something be done to stop the burning of the Quran and the protesting of Islam in Gainesville, Florida?
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monicalea 8 years ago 19 1,129
With Kara DioGuardi, Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell all leaving American Idol, will the show go on?
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monicalea 8 years ago 16 1,204