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Should the youth of America be required to do one year of community/environmental service in order to better prepare them for the real world? jaysadie 8 years ago 22 1,462
Had Barack Obama known how many disasters he would face as president, would he have still chosen to run for the presidential office? jaysadie 9 years ago 22 639
Are you surprised that the recent "Bachelor", Jake, ended his relationship with Vienna after choosing her over all the other women on the hit TV show?
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monicalea 9 years ago 22 1,175
Do you believe in horoscopes? monicalea 9 years ago 23 612
Will Brazil, once again, dominate and win the FIFA World Cup being held in South Africa?
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monicalea 9 years ago 23 722
Should President Obama lose the respect of the American public by stating he's looking for "who's ass to kick" over the oil spill? monicalea 9 years ago 23 636
Should passports be converted into microchips for frequent travelers? monicalea 8 years ago 24 1,477
Do you think belief in a higher power is necessary to maintain your sobriety? nomoreaddict 4 years ago 24 2,135
Will the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, heal and unite a country previously torn apart by racial divisions?
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monicalea 9 years ago 24 942
Should FIFA reconsider using technology to determine whether goals are scored in the future football World Cups?
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jaysadie 9 years ago 24 796
Did the Scottish courts make a huge mistake in releasing, al Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber, thinking he had only months to live?
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monicalea 9 years ago 24 983
Has the U.S. Federal Court made the right decision in throwing out Arizona's right to ask people in their state for U.S. identification? jaysadie 9 years ago 25 981
Is this site a good idea? test1 9 years ago 25 1,244
Will Steve Jobs' failing health cause Apple's stock to freefall to rock bottom prices in 2011? monicalea 8 years ago 25 2,088
Is it fair that the American government has arrested an American man that was on the hunt for Osama bin Laden?
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monicalea 9 years ago 25 688
Would you support the halt of all oil drilling in the U.S.?
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monicalea 9 years ago 25 1,033
Do you believe the Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri, who claims that he was kidnapped by US agents?
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jaysadie 9 years ago 26 1,254
Will the U.K. agree that Australia should become a republic after the death of Queen Elizabeth?
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monicalea 9 years ago 26 1,114
Would this baby robot encourage you to have children, as Japan is hoping for their own dwindling population?
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monicalea 9 years ago 26 1,433
Is it acceptable for BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, to be taking time off to watch a yacht race while oil continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico?
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monicalea 9 years ago 26 820