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Would this baby robot encourage you to have children, as Japan is hoping for their own dwindling population?
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monicalea 10 years ago 26 1,583
Should voting be made mandatory? monicalea 9 years ago 19 1,585
If you were an employer would you allow your employees "nap time" during the day, as some companies have? monicalea 9 years ago 14 1,593
Law Assignment Writers UK is the best website for peoples? emilybone 1 year ago 1 1,604
Are motivational speakers honest in their desire to help people?
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jaysadie 10 years ago 16 1,604
Who are the better drivers?
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test2 10 years ago 17 1,609
Who will decide the future of the Arctic and which countries have the rights to its resources?
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jaysadie 9 years ago 28 1,610
Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults? jaysadie 9 years ago 42 1,636
Mistakes In Dissertation Writing Your Teacher Will Catch Even If You Don’t Tell Him! JasmineDemeester 2 years ago 0 1,646
Should the youth of America be required to do one year of community/environmental service in order to better prepare them for the real world? jaysadie 9 years ago 22 1,650
Examination of short questions: the 7 best study techniques stephenhawking 1 year ago 2 1,663
Should UK taxpayers be responsible for paying the multi-million pound bill for Prince William and his bride's wedding security? monicalea 9 years ago 21 1,668
The FDA is currently considering the approval of genetically altered fish. Will genetically altered food be the solution to food shortages?
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monicalea 9 years ago 19 1,686
In light of the economic meltdown, will people continue to invest in the U.S. stock market? monicalea 9 years ago 19 1,743
Where is the best place to go to pay someone to compose an exploration paper for me? alisondaewon 3 years ago 4 1,749
Will Tea Party Politics take over the GOP?
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monicalea 9 years ago 21 1,751
How to download and install Norton Setup on Windows PC via Norton.com/setup? karenminton 51 weeks ago 19 1,760
How To Use Wall Hangings Properly?
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jeni 2 years ago 6 1,763
Is it possible to run a successful business without having a website? monicalea 9 years ago 12 1,766
Should the world be concerned that China will be the world's next leading economy, surpassing the U.S. in the next 20 years or less? monicalea 9 years ago 21 1,770