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According to the study below, many children harbor racist ideas about skin color. Should this attitude be addressed in school curriculum?
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jaysadie 6 years ago 12 1,272
After the successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, would you feel safe traveling to South Africa? jaysadie 6 years ago 29 618
Air Force says X37-B space plane is not a weapon. Do you believe this statement?
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jaysadie 7 years ago 13 2,824
Are American teenagers more outspoken than those in other countries? ZepplinfanQ 7 years ago 12 454
Are Bollywood films here to stay?
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jaysadie 7 years ago 12 417
Are books/movies like the "Da Vinci Code" the main threat to modern day Catholicism?
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monicalea 7 years ago 13 497
Are college degrees worthless when searching for a job?
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monicalea 7 years ago 14 566
Are gyms the modern day "meat markets"? monicalea 7 years ago 15 539
Are high school reunions chock full of people pretending to be something they're not?
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monicalea 7 years ago 12 488
Are motivational speakers honest in their desire to help people?
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jaysadie 7 years ago 16 642
Are movie theaters soon to be a thing of the past? monicalea 7 years ago 16 442
Are parents asking for trouble by letting their bored toddlers play with their cellphones to keep them quiet?
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jaysadie 6 years ago 13 494
Are pet owners happier people? monicalea 7 years ago 15 573
Are social business investments the new form of capitalism, as nobel peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus believes?
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jaysadie 6 years ago 28 884
Are the riots in the UK understandable considering the failing economy and tough austerity measures?
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monicalea 5 years ago 28 1,797
Are there any administrations out there that would get my work done for a charge? alisondaewon 30 weeks ago 6 406
Are you afraid of flying?
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jaysadie 7 years ago 14 624
Are you happy where you live? jaysadie 7 years ago 17 514
Are you looking forward to the 2010 Soccer World Cup? jaysadie 7 years ago 14 540
Are you surprised that the recent "Bachelor", Jake, ended his relationship with Vienna after choosing her over all the other women on the hit TV show?
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monicalea 6 years ago 21 553