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Is "talking" always the best way to discipline a child? monicalea 10 years ago 16 628
With Kara DioGuardi, Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell all leaving American Idol, will the show go on?
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monicalea 9 years ago 16 1,413
Should Great Britain retire their Trident Nuclear Submarines in order to set a good example of nuclear disarmament?
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monicalea 10 years ago 11 648
Should the police use psychics to find missing persons or criminals on the run? monicalea 10 years ago 14 1,011
Is Japan going overboard by trying to wean their citizens off cigarettes/tobacco?
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monicalea 10 years ago 13 1,150
Should UK taxpayers be responsible for paying the multi-million pound bill for Prince William and his bride's wedding security? monicalea 9 years ago 21 1,661
What is your favorite style of art? monicalea 10 years ago 15 1,361
Do you believe Debeers when they say that the diamond supply is running out and they must protect existing mines from extinction by reducing production?
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monicalea 10 years ago 9 903
Should the fact that China controls 97% of rare earth minerals used in electronics and military weapons concern the U.S.?
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monicalea 10 years ago 13 764
Should Greece's economy be bailed out again through loans with little hope of repayment possibility? monicalea 9 years ago 31 5,103
Would this baby robot encourage you to have children, as Japan is hoping for their own dwindling population?
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monicalea 10 years ago 26 1,581
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How Many Qualities MBA Students Should Have? Nicole 3 years ago 18 2,099
Do you think belief in a higher power is necessary to maintain your sobriety? nomoreaddict 5 years ago 26 3,023
Hand Over Professionals To Write My Paper For Cheap Pamelarrell 3 years ago 1 43,007
Why Increase Homesickness at Travelling Abroad For Education
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Patriciagrays 1 year ago 5 617
OUR BET FOR TONIGHT? Playersplays 6 years ago 0 2,624
OUR BET FOR TONIGHT? Playersplays 6 years ago 2 1,521
hayday cheats rahu 2 years ago 4 20,487
Have you ever ordered your essays and was that worth it? RickStone 2 years ago 7 4,897