1. Which US presidential candidate will win the election on Nov 8, 2016? title=

    Donald J Trump
    55% (12 votes)
    Hillary Clinton
    36% (8 votes)
    Gary Johnson
    5% (1 vote)
    Jill Stein
    5% (1 vote)
    Darrell Castle
    0% (0 votes)
    Total voters: 22
    This poll ended on Tue, 2016/11/08 - 7:00pm.
  2. In light of the current European Economic Crisis, should the Euro be abolished?

  3. Do you think that weird, crazy or loopy ideas and/or inventions are important enough to deserve our attention? title=

  4. Should the youth of America be required to do one year of community/environmental service in order to better prepare them for the real world?

  5. Is 'Freemasonry' a cult? title=