ZoomVote.com is all about voting!

It is the one destination for casting votes, whether for entertainment, serious voting, survey or statistical purposes. And best of all... it's free to join, and free to participate. In the future there may be a charge for some Pay-per-Vote polls, e.g. reality show voting.

ZoomVote was designed with 'ease of use' in mind. It is intuitive and user friendly, with very few bells and whistles. Advanced features are placed only on contextual and relevant pages.

Registered users may create polls on ZoomVote. Depending on each poll's configurable options, everyone can vote, or only certain users may vote. Anonymous voters (visitors that are not logged in) can vote once for each poll, controlled by their IP addresses. This is not fail-safe, because the same person can vote on many different computers. However, anonymous voting can provide the poller with a much larger voting audience, despite being less accurate. If the poller wants to make sure that one person can only vote once, then the poller can set the poll to a registered users only poll.

Configurable options:

  • Set a beginning and ending date for each poll
  • Close a poll
  • Limit voting to an electoral list
  • Private polls (linked to an electoral list)
  • Allow only registered users to vote (Default is for everyone to vote)
  • Limit voters:
    - to a specific Country or Region, e.g. US, UK, Americas, Europe, Africa, etc.
    - by Gender (Male or Female)
    - by one or more Marital Status (Married, Divorced, Relationship, Single, Widowed)
    - by Age, e.g. must be under the age of 18, between 30 and 40, older than 50, etc.
  • Comment settings (enable/disable comments on a per poll basis)
  • Announce poll question on your Twitter account


  • Avatars
    Users can download an avatar for their user profile. This gives users a more recognizable identity on ZoomVote.
  • Personal Section
    - Your own personal section on ZoomVote, e.g. zoomvote.com/your-user-name
    - Voters can view all your polls under zoomvote.com/your-user-name/polls.
  • Soap Boxing
    You may post text, embedded videos and/or image links to your Soapbox, which allows you to make a case for a specific poll choice. Or, just provide information about the poll, that will hopefully result in more educated voter choices. Combined with comments below, it also allows for other perspectives, making it interesting for voters before casting their votes.
  • Poll Comments
    Registered members may post comments to your polls, if you choose. This allows for debating and general conversation on your poll topic(s).
  • Twitter Tweets
    Selectively tweet your poll question(s) to your Twitter account (if Twitter details entered in your User Profile).
  • Facebook
    Share any ZoomVote page on your Facebook account by clicking the Share button under the Search site button.
  • Electoral Lists & Private Polls
    - You can maintain an Electoral List per poll, where you can add/remove user names to each list.
    - When you want to hide a poll from others, you may make the poll a Private poll, where only those voters on the electoral list will be able to view the poll. This can be used for when the poll is private in nature, e.g. company sensitive data.
  • Social networking - Add friends, post messages on friends' walls, and vice-versa.
  • My Watchlist - Allows you to add polls that you want to follow to your personal list for easy tracking.
  • My Votes - Lists all the polls you have voted on.
  • My Polls - Lists all the polls you have created on ZoomVote. May also see this under your profile.
  • Main View / List View (different ways to view polls on ZoomVote)
    - Main View - 5 polls per page, with voting options and voting button enabled for quick voting.
    - List View - 20 polls per page. Must click on link to poll detail page in order to vote.
  • Current Filter - Allows you to limit the polls on ZoomVote by:
    - Poll type - All polls, Open polls only, Closed polls only, Polls you can vote for
    - Voter type - All voters, Registered voters only
    - Keywords
  • Voter Criteria
    You may decide that you'd like to limit voting on your poll to a specific gender, marital status, age group, country, or region, or any combination of the preceding criteria. This can be very handy if your poll is designed for survey/statistical purposes.

At the moment voting is based on one choice per poll. We have plans to add multiple choices and ranking votes in future releases.

Some other future plans:

  • Qualified voting
    In order to ensure that you will receive votes by people who are educated about your question/issue, you can create one or more multiple choice exam questions for voters. Set a pass rate percentage. Before a voter can vote for a specific issue(s) they must take the 'exam'. If a voter fails, he/she has to wait at least 24 hours (or poller entered number of hours) before being able to take the exam again.

Other configurable options and features:
- Link multiple polls to the same exam
- Enter large number of exam questions. Exam will randomly pick 5, 10, or more (set by poller)
- Provide a Study Guide that voters can read before taking the exam!

  • Networking/Meshing
    Find people who agree or disagree with you based on a user entered percentage. You can for instance look for all users that have matched your choices at least 80% of the time (made the same selections). This will open a whole new facet on ZoomVote. You can interact with users that think like you, or don't think like you at all. Not everyone would want to participate in this program, so we will allow users to disable this feature. If they do so then they won't be considered when other users scan for similar or dissimiler voters.
  • Retina Scans
    The ability to do a retina scan via your computer's video camera prior to casting a vote. This will allow for absolute voting security, where there will be no doubt who the real voter is. The possibilities are endless here. We can go as far as letting people vote here for political general elections. No more going to polling stations, and standing in line. This will be coupled with a voters registration number in the user's profile, and also a notary's verification procedure that will verify that the person's initial retina scan is absolutely valid. This initial scan will be done in front of a notary public.
  • Poll Grouping/Linking
    If you have more than one poll/issue that you'd like to present as a group, then this feature will be very useful. This can also work well with for instance General Elections, where there are many issues to vote for. Voters will be presented with all the issues on one or more screens. You can set an option whether they have to vote for all the issues, or not.
  • Enhanced Private Voting & Electoral Lists
    - Private voting may be implemented by merely providing certain people with a Secret Vote Code (password). Before casting a vote they must first enter the code in order to be verified. You can specify a Secret Vote Code for each poll, or for a Poll Group (polls that are linked together)
    - You can maintain one or more Electoral Lists, where you can add/remove user names to each list. There will also be a feature to import names from other lists that you have already defined. You can make a list public or private (default is private). If public, then others can use your list in their polls. You can also control whether they have read-only or read/write permission to add to, or remove people from your list. You can add only certain users to the read/write (moderator) permissions for a specific list.
    - When combining an Electoral List with a specific poll, or Poll Group, then only the people on that list will be able to vote. You can still add additional criteria, e.g. only Females between 28 and 36 may vote.
  • Voter Ranking
    The more you use ZoomVote, the closer you get to being assigned a higher voter's rank. The number of votes cast, exam results, and number of months actively registered, will all be used to determine voter ranks. The incentive for wanting to move to a higher level is that you will be able to participate in certain polls where a minimum rank will be required.
       The following ranks may be acquired:
         - Voter - Tree Icon (When you register you will start at this rank)
         - Elevated Voter - Clouds Icon - *30 days active*, 100+ votes cast, 5 exams with 80% pass rate
         - Lunar Voter - Crescent Moon Icon - *60 days active*, 250+ votes cast, 10 exams with 80% pass rate
         - Stellar Voter - Sun Icon - *90 days active*, 500+ votes cast, 25 exams with 80% pass rate
         * Note:- You must cast at least 1 vote in a 30 day period, else period won't be counted.
  • Pay-per-Vote
    Although ZoomVote is a free site, there are instances where a poller(s) may want to charge a fee for each vote cast. An example would be AMERICAN IDOL ®. We have to cater for such instances. In order to do so, we will enter into agreements with such companies, where we would collect the fees on their behalf, and charge a collection fee to cover our costs.
    We will allow users to place funds in their accounts on ZoomVote, let's say a minimum of $25 US at a time. The reason for this is that credit card companies charge minimum fees for internet transactions. It makes no sense to collect $1 for a vote, and then the minimum fee is for instance $1.20. This will result in a $2.20 charge per vote. If we collect $25 at a time, then we can absorb the $1.20 minimum fee, so the user will only pay $1 for the vote (that is if the poller requires $1 per vote). Once the voter has cast his/her vote for $1, as per the previous example, the user's available balance will be $24, which can be used for future Pay-per-Vote polls. The user can also elect to participate in our Auto-replenish system, where a minimum threshold can be set, for instance $10. Once the user's available balance falls below $10, the system will automatically replenish the account with another $25 (which is also user-specified). The minimum amount a user can elect will be $25, and the maximum $500.
  • Comprehensive Statistical Data
    This will benefit those who do research or like to run statistics. You will be able to download data to your favorite spreadsheet for analysis. Statistical data may also be viewed graphically on ZoomVote, uitlizing different graph formats, e.g. pie, bar, etc.
  • ... and other user suggested features ...
    You can play an important role in helping us improve this site. Please submit your suggestions via our contact form.

 Thank you for your support... and please tell everyone about ZoomVote.com!