Why is Zoom So Popular in Lockdown?


Zoom application has generated millions of followers during the quarantine phase of corona virus. It has also brought a spotlight feature to highlight a group of acclaimed students. By using Zoom, teachers are now able to spot participants together to focus on a group. Zoom also makes it possible for users to drop off participants in Gallery View based on whatever order they choose. This closes the gallery in a fixed order that does not shift when a new person speaks or enters the room, for meeting the colleagues or experts by essay king.

Zoom as a useful Tool

This is especially useful for teachers and students who use American Sign Language because it does not automatically activate the speaker in the speaker's view. Students who are deaf or hard of hearing can have both teachers and interpreters on screen for a more accessible learning experience," the company said in a statement. Zoom is also giving teachers the ability to selectively mute some students. For this, the meeting host and participants will have to opt-in for audio control.

Is it Safe?

The Zoom Meeting app is not a secure platform for video conferencing. The government has issued guidelines in this regard. Guidelines have been issued for users who use the Zoom app for private purposes. And has been explained to the people who are using this app a lot during lockdown.

How to Catch Scams on Zoom?

The guideline will prevent unauthorized person from interfering in the conference and unwanted activity. If the guideline is followed, no one other than the users can affect their activity. DOS attacks can also be prevented with passwords and user access.

Personal experience with Zoom

After attending long and patient training sessions on classroom essay help and management, we sometimes came up with the idea of ​​controlling these butterflies and getting them to work. Has arrived When we put a lot of homework on the heads of future architects after doing a lot of class work in the classroom, it really seems like a lot of the burden has gone off our own heads because so many comrades during their teaching journey. I saw the car saying goodbye to this profession because it is difficult to get these students to work.

Zoom is best service for?

The biggest beneficiaries were the children who wanted to read on their own. Taking responsibility for one's own actions and doing them well is an attribute that is now disappearing. Coming to school for leisure can be a physical attendance and maybe even a piece of paper is available but it cannot acquaint the heart and mind with knowledge and wisdom. May God bless us with the taste of learning and learning of the forefathers which made their world and the hereafter better.

Zoom is now upgraded

Popular video conferencing application Zoom has said it will release a new and improved version of its app this week. The announcement comes at a time when the company's efforts to protect data and consumer privacy have come under fire. The company says that version 5.0 of Zoom will have better encryption features to prevent 'zoom bombing', meaning unwanted people from entering a video conference.

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