Mobile-based technology advancement is regularly upgraded and new users are constantly watching the new features that are added to the applications. Geo-Location is one such fluid technology that has customized features to help businesses tap into the world of unexplored customers.

This open-source technology has also provided a broad-based opportunity about the ingredients that can be added to the recipe of the mobile apps.

Understanding the technology behind Geo-Location

Many of the companies today are putting more focus on the user experience that can be more personalized by adding more functionalities to provide a robust solution for enterprises that are building mobile apps. The process of geo-location enables the developers to activate the real-world physical location of the smartphone device and then transfers the coordinates to the algorithms known as the GPS devices that can tag the longitude and the latitude of the location. The signals are received from the satellite with accuracy for 50 meters and luckily there are other means of locating like:

  • Cell-towers– used to boost the results of the location
  • Wi-Fi points– determines the distance of a particular facility

Accuracy is a vital component is applications like Geo-Location as every second the location is changed and needs precise calculation. There is no compromise when it comes to the performance of the application and that is the real value in the market.

Accuracy is also very important as it needs to work properly even when the device is moving with the user and every second or millisecond needs to be calculated precisely. It means that the app must have no compromise and needs a skilled team and the best software development services to accomplish the task.

How can Businesses use Geo-Location?

The perfect medium in today’s world of advanced technology is the mobile apps that have connected the businesses with their potential customers. The main features of Geo-Location which can help businesses in increasing their user-base.

  • Geo-Targeting

This feature on the app is mostly used by third-party platforms like Facebook, Snap chat and creating customized landing pages for location-specific messaging.

  • Geo-Fencing

This is a special feature which allows the app to create a secure fence around the business and can target audience up to 50 miles radius and businesses can send notifications to users in that area only.

The importance of Geo-Location in Mobile apps

Whether you have a mortar store or a match stick on an online store, location for the customer is essential for businesses and B2C enterprise. Having a Geo-location feature will shred the light on the user behavior and importance and by customization, the businesses can collect the data for better marketing and effective business.

Final thoughts

Geo-Location apps are much handy than useful as it is completely based on advanced technology and increase the business value offering services and customer interactions. However, at the same time, constant security measures regarding the misuse of the Geo-Location needs to be monitored for an effective working boundary.


About the writer:

Darren Anderson is a leading web and mobile app developer and specializes in delivering the best solutions which he has been provided to the best app development services that take care of the precise pinpointing of the customer business centers to ensure great effectiveness and side-by-side the vitality of the customized app.