Why Increase Homesickness at Travelling Abroad For Education


Homesickness is essentially described as a form of anxiety over being away from one’s home and the familiar people and places. It occurs due to a number of different factors like culture shock, or a lack of control over situations you’re put into and it especially occurs when one feels cut off from their family or some kind of support system.  Homesickness can manifest itself in a lot of different ways like wanting to call and catch up with friends and family and comparing your new surroundings to the ones that are more familiar. This can lead to withdrawal from the place you’re in and in extreme cases causes harm to your mental and physical health. There are a lot of different ways to help you cope with these feelings and different ones work for different people.

Habits to help explore your new home

Going to famous monuments in your new surroundings and being a tourist helps one to feel at ease and you can even think of it as a vacation. This way you will find places where you feel comfortable for all your day to day needs like a restaurant to eat out at if you’re sick of the food your school provides, or a park where you might go to exercise. You can even dive headfirst into situations where you feel extremely uncomfortable as this way these situations will feel as less of a threat and you will get used to them in no time. If you make a bucket list for exploring, you are more likely to get excited about trying different places and this will keep you focused on your new home instead of your old one. This will remind you why you chose to come to the beautiful country you are in, in the first place. Take the terrifying plunge of trying the local food as it might seem like a daunting task at first, but it will help you get situated easily. Try and take a lot of photos of your surroundings as well. This way you will have less time for depressing thoughts and missing your home and instead you will focus on where you are and what the environment around you has to offer. Photos are a great way to document your new life and what it has to offer. You are essentially documenting memories and you will back on these pictures with fond remembrance.

Habits to help you think of your new surroundings as home

Make your surroundings feel more like home by placing accessories that remind you of your room at home. You will feel more comfortable in your new place and this will make you want to spend more time there. All these feelings are because humans are creatures of habit and they have a very real need to cling to familiarity. Drastic changes lead to anxiety issues and wanting to go back to what they consider safe and dependable. Make friends with your neighbours and spend money to buy little baubles for your home as well. Another way to help you alleviate your homesick feelings is to teach your friends how to make the food you grew up eating as this is like killing two birds with one stone. It not only helps you make new friends but also provides you with comfort food so you can eat the food you’ve been craving. Sometimes, you may feel that you need to get overly involved in the new culture but that should not be the case. Missing your old home is normal and you can think about it and even at moments even immerse yourself in your native culture. It is completely okay to have little moments for missing your home as these will help you be closer to your comfort zone. You don’t have to completely detach yourself from your native culture to help you move on.

Establishing a new relationship with your old home

Try and send gifts to your loved ones back home as this will keep you connected to them and you can share your experiences with them too. Try and take a break from social media also as looking at what your friends are doing without you will only make you more homesick instead of helping you out. However, if it gets to be too much, you can always call your friends from back home to take a trip to visit you. This will help keep you in better spirits and you can share parts of your new life with them too.

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