’The pen is mightier than the sword’. Agree?


This expression first appeared in the play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy, from the year 1839, a time when revolutions were caused by people who controlled newspapers and the print media. A centuries old adage, coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton which means that issues are more effectively solved by communication rather than violence. It basically means that what a mighty and powerful sword cannot achieve, words will. However, different forms of this idea have been around for far longer dating way back to the seventh century B.C. This proverb is further used to explain that the only solution isn’t violence but rather words can act as a powerful tool also. Other meanings include the power of mass appeal rather than the force behind it and even stronger is the influence that good writers have over young minds.

The Pen

People argue that solving issues through communication is more effective as obviously not every adversary can be killed or fought against. Throughout history, different religions have preached about peace and have spread their message through missionaries whilst keeping said peace. All wars have done is lost precious lives and lead us towards destruction. We live in the age of technology and it has provided us with countless facilities which would not exist if it wasn’t for education and the power of the ‘pen’. Also, in an age where mental health is of the utmost importance, words are extremely powerful. They can save people from suicide and bring them out of their depressive states. Using them carefully is of the utmost importance. Bruises can be healed through medication but words leave an everlasting impact and this makes them mightier. The power of the pen is emphasized by other proverbs as well like ‘Books are the best companion’ and this has proved to be true as books have a profound effect on the reader. They transport us to worlds entirely different from our own; they bring our emotions to the forefront and cause us to open-mindedly think about topics that are considered taboo. All violence does is makes things worse. The pen however makes a powerful impact through several generations. Clashes of arms do not change public opinion the way a pen or the persuasive men behind that pen do. Scores of people have rallied up for good through a strong speech, video, or book and it is all because they were influenced rather than forced to do so. Martin Luther King and his “I Have a Dream” speech still has a profound effect on those that hear it Gandhi and acquired India’s independence through nonviolent protests and writing rather than using the sword to get what he wanted. Looking at all these examples, it is easy to see that all weapons can do is kill. Ideas on paper are scarcely forgotten rather, they are remembered by generations to come whilst bloodshed only leaves an impression with negative connotations. A sword only has a short reach but the impact of a pen is huge and far-reaching.

The Sword

Actions have always spoken louder than words. There have been figures in history which were considered tyrants and have spilled a lot of blood. Hitler, for example was not somebody that would have stopped his injustices for a few letters and so had to be brought down with the might of an army. This instance demanded war and the use of a ‘sword’ and now, people that were suppressed by him live freely. There are people who need defending from their enemies as well and they can’t defend themselves from just words. In these situations, everything comes down to how well you can fight to defend yourself or even others. They only listen to themselves, and they are evil people who don't feel any sympathy towards others.Obviously, normal people don’t just want to go to war for the fun of it but sometimes it is inevitable. Winners in wars are not remembered for their writings, they are remembered for their heroic acts in the face of adversity. Even in places like the border of the United States where the army is sent, the brave men and women fight to defend their countries and this makes them heroes. There are also instances where the pen writes some laws which are not acceptable to everyone and it is in these instances that the sword cleans up the mess to form a truce between people. Tyrants and dictators do not listen to mere words and have to be brought down with the power of the ‘sword’.

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