Mistakes In Dissertation Writing Your Teacher Will Catch Even If You Don’t Tell Him!


When you write a dissertation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed it’s not like writing a regular paper or assignment. You have to be prepared to defend your work both orally and in written form. Moreover, there are so many things to take care of that you waste a lot of time in confusion.

To help you out with our dissertation, we’re here to point out a few mistakes that are all too common. Knowing about these mistakes could help you avoid them and hence turn out a much better work than otherwise:

1. Vague Tone

Even if your grammar and spelling are perfect, you could still be lagging in your writing strength. There is always an original and interesting way to say something. On the other hand, there are several ways to make your work sound boring, monotonous, or just flat. It could also be that your writing contains many contradictions and ambiguity.

Confusing or boring writing is not what you want when working on a dissertation. If need be, take a few writing classes to learn how to write in an engaging manner. Looking up the example of colloquial language, clichés, and dry writing tones. Then make sure to avoid them. At all events, keep your sentence structure clear-cut and precise.

2. Failing in Focus

A dissertation is based on a certain topic. Within this, your thesis statement should be a guiding light for your focus and concentration. However, the amount of work, research, and writing a dissertation is so vast that it’s easy to get derailed. You may find yourself veering off in another direction and losing sight of your goal.

This would not only make the readers of your dissertation confused, but also delay its completion. While it’s perfectly acceptable to devote a couple of paragraphs to something else that catches your interest, stay focused. See if the new subject can somehow tie in with your research. You may be able to use it as a way of providing context or background.

If something is completely irrelevant though, give it a passing mention and note it down for another time. Get through this dissertation first, and then you may use this tangent as the subject for a paper or a whole other work.

3. No Balance Between Chapters

It’s a large project you’re working on, and it may be difficult to separate the subtopics within it. Dissertations often contain chapters and/or sections as guided at Dissertation help at Dissertationhelpdeal.co.uk, but one may end up giving one more weight than another. For instance, one chapter may be well-researched and painstakingly written. When it comes to another chapter, though, you may just skim over your literature and write without involvement.

The best way to avoid this sort of imbalance is to outline each chapter before you start working. This way, you would know that each chapter would have a certain amount of points, a certain pattern, etc. This would also help in making your dissertation flow better and thus be highly appreciated.

4. Starting At The Wrong Time

You’re probably working on a dissertation for the first time. Many students here make the mistake of staring their writing process either too late or too early. If they procrastinate too much, they could end up hurrying too much. This could decrease the quality of their work and stress them out.

Moreover, your writing process would and should consist of several drafts. It is therefore recommended to start as early as possible.

There is, however, such a thing as starting too early. Your research must reach a certain point before you begin your final draft. Make sure you have your thesis statement and abstract approved before you begin. Your thoughts and ideas on the dissertation should also have matured and developed in a decent manner before you proceed.


A dissertation can be tricky work, not to mention exhausting and frustrating at times. However, it is also a way for you to delve into your interest and prove your worth in your chosen field. So don’t lose heart, but buck up and do your best! Keeping abreast of the most common mistakes is one way of making sure you don’t waste your time and energy.

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