Should Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, be arrested by the U.S. and charged with espionage?


Sun, 2016/05/15 - 5:02pm I am agreed with this #95
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I am agreed with this statement and i think "Julian Assange" has to arrested by US local officials, because this is really a critical information. Now easily get best essay writing services online within very normal and compatible rates and also in very easy terms and conditions.

Mon, 2016/08/22 - 2:25am Re: I am agreed with this #186
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Your question is about the charged at founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assage which arrested by the U.S. I like to go with option 2 which is No, He should not be arrested and press have freedom and he used that freedom and aware the facts which hide by the political leaders.  If these information are not right then he deserve punishment otherwise, He did right. Well! A site help me to know about the history of that person which is quite impressive.

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