Would you buy this eco-friendly super yacht?


Eco-friendly superyachts of the future

By George Webster for CNN -- June 24, 2010 -- Updated 1609 GMT (0009 HKT)

London, England (CNN) -- The world of luxury yachts is not typically regarded as the most eco-friendly.Vast, gas-guzzling diesel engines, noisy jet-skis and lavish on-board entertainment systems are often at odds with the delicate marine environments they inhabit.

But, there is mounting pressure for change. Aside from the more general push across all industries, yacht owners have a number of added incentives to go green.

Fuel costs for many superyachts can run into thousands of dollars a day, while the most environmentally-sensitive cruising destinations now exclude polluting vessels from their shores, according to RINA - an international ship certification company.

As a consequence, a number of today's yachts are fitted with some of the latest in green technology.

From intelligent sails that calculate the best angle for maximum propulsion, to translucent and bendy solar panels that cover every available surface, we take a look at some of the most exciting eco-friendly yacht designs present and future.


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