Has Katy Perry and Fergie started a new trend with the "Light Up Shoes" worn on the red carpet?


Katy Perry and Fergie Light Up Hollywood in Glowing Shoes

  • by Liana, on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:43am PDT

The red carpets of Hollywood have been glowing more brightly than usual lately, but it isn’t just because of the luminous stars who prance down them in glitzy garb. Two big-name celebs have been spotted wearing LED-enhanced high-heeled shoes that light up with every step, reminiscent of the flashing-bulb-enhanced sneakers favored by toddlers and gradeschoolers.

Singers Katy Perry and Fergie both rocked the glowing Lucite platforms this week, which come from footwear superstar Jimmy Choo. Fergie wore a pair with neon straps to the MAC and Alice + Olivia launch party. Katy opted to go with a black strappy pair, which stole no thunder from the bedazzling night-light at their bottom half.


Fergie’s platforms complemented a draping Temperley dress and a white Kara Ross bag. The Black Eyed Peas singer discussed her shoes with InStyle, saying, "I assume I was blinking all the way up the stairs. I've been dying to wear these!”

Katy Perry wore her Jimmy Choos to the ASCAP Awards, where she received songwriting prizes for her hit songs “Waking Up in Vegas” and “Hot N Cold.” She paired the kicks with a hot-pink-and-gray Manish Arora dress, complete with polka dots and a long train.

In her excitement, the girl-kisser couldn’t resist tweeting about the glowing heels: "My shoes light up 2night :) I feel like a kid again w/ them LA gears!!But this time it's Jimmy Choo. Wonder if JC will make skating 1's nxt?”

Perry recently returned from a weekend at Coachella, where she was spotted wearing multicolored sundresses, skin-tight miniskirts, and bright gladiator sandals.

A wedding is on the horizon for Miss Katy. She recently got engaged to English comedian Russell Brand. Plans for the ceremony haven’t yet been finalized, but perhaps an LED light-up veil is in her future.


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