Should President Obama grant leniency to film director, Roman Polanski?


Polanski Begs Obama for Mercy


BS Top - Pape Sarkozy Letter PolanskiWhy did French President Nicolas Sarkozy hand-deliver a letter last week to President Obama from fugitive director Roman Polanski asking for leniency? Eric Pape on Polanski’s private plea for clemency.

In an astonishing act of backroom international diplomacy, French President Nicolas Sarkozy hand-delivered a letter from fugitive Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski to President Barack Obama last week on the sidelines of the international anti-nuke proliferation summit in Washington, according to a small and little-noticed article embedded in the prestigious French political magazine, L’Express.

It is unclear what Polanski or President Sarkozy, for that matter, think that Obama might be able or willing to do for a man who has acknowledged giving a Quaalude and champagne to a 13-year-old girl he then sodomized.